Copeland voters asked to confirm their electoral roll details

Copeland voters asked to confirm their electoral roll details

Copeland voters can confirm their electoral roll details by a variety of means including text.

Mobile phone texting is just one of the convenient ways people can return their voter registration forms. Other methods include phone, a special website ( and of course by post.

Copeland Council is currently carrying out its annual electoral canvass – when residents must sign up for, update or confirm their details on the electoral register – if you are not on the register, you are not allowed to vote.

Council leader Elaine Woodburn said: “Texting is a quick and easy way for people to confirm their details. It’s just one of the ways you can do it and of course people still have the choice to return their form by post. We would remind people they are obliged by law to return their canvass forms, by whatever method.”

Voter registration forms are currently being sent to every home in the borough, and these will be followed in due course by a reminder. Everyone must return the form, and only people who have registered their details are allowed to vote in elections.

The option to reply by text is for people to confirm that the details we currently hold for their household are still correct. Similarly, the phone or web methods allow people to confirm the details on the form, but in addition also let people change their decision on whether their details will appear on the edited register.

If anyone wants to change the details on their form – for example add a new voter or change a name – the form should be filled in and returned by post.

Details of how to respond by text, phone or the internet, using unique security codes, are included on everyone’s voter registration form and the reminder.