Penrith OAP electronically tagged for harassing neighbours

Penrith OAP electronically tagged for harassing neighbours

electronic tagA 69-year-old pensioner from Penrith pleaded guilty earlier this month to two charges of causing harassment without violence towards two neighbours.

He appeared before North Cumbria magistrates in Carlisle today [Tues] to be sentenced.

Magistrates were told that between September 1 and 3, Raymond Fothergill carried out a course of conduct which amounted to the harassment of a neighbour living in an adjoining flat on Tynefield Court, where he also lives.

While in the communal hallway he shouted abuse to a female with a young child, saying the mother should stop the child singing, and other abusive remarks were made. Again when in the hallway he banged on a neighbours front door and started to shout at a male tenant that “all druggies should leave the flats,” he swore and was drunk, these comments were aimed at one particular resident the court was told.

Gail Heard defence lawyer told the court that Raymond Fothergill pleaded guilty to both offences, he is “ashamed” of his actions, he lives alone and is possibly “set in his ways” he has health issues and walks with a stick, he is over six-feet tall and because of his deafness he speaks loudly, but he admits his behaviour could have caused the two people harassment and frightened the female with the young child, his actions were unpleasant and it took place in the communal hallway.

The court was told that this was not the first occasion he has been in court for similar like-minded offences towards previous neighbours, and they all took place when he had been drinking. The court was told he is now receiving help towards his problems and hasn’t drank alcohol since his last appearance in court.

Magistrates imposed an eight-week house curfew, he will be electronically tagged to be in his own property between 6pm and 5am each day, he was told the curfew means “he in not allowed in the hallway between those hours,” and not to step foot out of his front-door, he was also placed on a one-year Community order with supervision by the Probation Service during that time, he was also placed on a six-month alcohol awareness and treatment programme, he has to pay prosecution costs of £85 with a £60 victims surcharge.