Forthcoming Egremont South Ward Election


After receiving official CBC confirmation that there is to be an additional election to be run in Egremont South Ward for a councillor to replace the long serving Cllr June Bland upon her announced resignation in January this year I would like to thank the other 19 signatories to the initial form that was required by the CBC Returns Officer to bring about an election for the South Ward electorate to partake in.

The yet to be officially announced but confirmed date of the 5th of May which that it will be run in conjunction with the Police and Crime Commissioners election providing of course that some Councillor Nominees have come forward to stand and submitted their applications by 4pm on the 7th of April to the CBC Returns Officer  in Whitehaven. This is the same date that the PCC nominees also have to submit their application as was pointed out in last week’s W-H News ‘Who wants to run our police’ article.

For any likely councillor nominees who have internet access there is a good official link to Part 1 – Can you stand for election (either using  or entering this title on google) and the Nominee application forms can be obtained from the CBC offices if not the Egremont Town Council office in the Market Hall. Is it too much to hope that the ETC will post both these items on their new website to down load and print? – Probably

Arthur Millie

6 Longcroft


CA22 2PT

01946 825593