Young Cumbrian rapper is YouTube hit

Young Cumbrian rapper is YouTube hit

Rapper Reality

A 16-year-old rapper from Wigton has become a hit on the video sharing site YouTube, calling himself ‘Reality’ the young rapper has clocked up almost 200,000 views and has 5,000 subscribers. Reality says he wants to change the stereotype that all Hip-Hop artists are violent and addicted to drugs.

He was born in Northamptonshire and lived there for 4 years and then moved to Spain for a year.

His parents then wanted to move to Cumbria and they first lived in Lazonby near Penrith before moving to Wigton about 7 years ago.

Reality’s father is from Essex and his mother is from Yemen, so he feels passionate about Palestine because it’s an Arab country like Yemen, so Arab solidarity comes into play when looking at the situation.

This video was made so that Reality’s fans could get to know him better so that they knew how his perspective of life affected his lyrics and musical ability.

He is trying to establish himself on YouTube and has reached nearly 200,000 views and he also has 5,000 subscribers!

Reality said: “Music is my life! To live without it would be impossible; I want to achieve this dream of mine.

“I feel for now the best way to grow is to keep on making songs and uploading them onto YouTube, but I want to be able to become big one day in the music industry!

“Although I haven’t got out and started performing yet, that would be something that would interest me as I want to spread my message to the people around me.”

The song, Read All About It, was written to express Reality’s feelings about the mistreatment of the Palestinian population as that matter is very close to his heart. He also explores the roles of journalists amongst other subjects.

You can hear more of his songs on his YouTube account here :

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