Sunburnt piglets get suncream in hot weather

Sunburnt piglets get suncream in hot weather

The three little pigs at Lakeland Maize Maze near Kendal with Jane Wadsworth (centre) daughter Hannah, 5, (right) and friend Carla, 4, (left)

The hot weather is proving a “pigging nuisance” for three new arrivals on an award-winning Lakeland farm attraction.

A trio of regal little piggies – named Queen, Diamond and Jubilee – have been turning into “pork crackling” in the scorching sun.

The Pietrain breed are Belgian and noted for their white piebald skin and big ears which can easily turn “crispy bacon,” in hot weather.

Pig skin is very similar to human skin and because the piglets are only two-months-old their ears aren’t used to the plus 24c temperatures – expected to last another five days at least.

So staff at the Lakeland Maize Maze and Farm Park at Sedgwick near Kendal, Cumbria, have been slapping the sun cream on their star attractions – providing they can catch the squealing sisters who are proving very quick-on-their trotters.

They’ve also been keeping their grassy pen freshly watered and giving the pigs a spray with a hose so there’s lots of mud to roll around in at the 130 acre farm and visitor attraction.

Farmer Graham Wadsworth, 41, said: “White skinned pigs can get sunburnt quite easily so when we are quick enough to catch them we’re putting sun cream on their ears especially. We’re also making sure they have mud baths which is a natural sun screen for pigs. The irony is the pigs are white we don’t want them to go red because it’ll make me blue – perfect for the Jubilee! They’re proving very popular with our young visitors because they’re inquisitive, playful and love to come up close for a scratch.”

The farm also has 14 goats, a resident Donkey, ponies, dairy bull calves and three different rare breeds of sheep from the Western Isles of Scotland, who are all getting extra water during the hot spell. Although a working farm, it diversifies into tourism every summer to become the Lakeland Maize Maze and Farm Park and last year was named Best Maize Maze in England 2011.

The park offers a large outdoor adventure playground for families to take their children – featuring trampolines, a bouncy castle slide, a soft indoor play area, Meet The Farm Animals, Pets Corner, covered sandpit, petting sessions with rabbits and guinea pigs and a collection of pedal-tractors and a Go-kart Grand Prix.

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