New Community First Responders for Morland & surrounding area

New Community First Responders for Morland & surrounding area

Morland’s new Community First Responder’s (CFRs) gain their first three qualified members, after recently completing their training with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS).

Front row L-R. Caroline Sterling and Rob Ewin Back row. Stuart Pepper, Julia Wellings, Nicholas Stanley, Ann Taylor and Jane Atkinson.

Five new CFRs, trained by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), successfully passed their assessments at the end of May 2012. Julia Wellings, Ann Taylor and Caroline Sterling are the first to be trained for the new Morland and surrounding area CFR team. Stuart Pepper, part of the Murton and Hilton group and Nick Stanley part of the Milburn group, joined us at the Morland Village Hall for their training.

Morland and Surrounding Area CFRs will be serving Morland, Cliburn, Bolton and Newby. CFRs are volunteers who live and work in the local community. They are trained by NWAS, and are requested to attend local 999 call-outs to provide life-saving care until the ambulance crew arrives. For this reason, CFRs are of particular value in rural communities where the nearest ambulance may be located several miles away.

Rob Ewin, group leader of the Upper Eden CFRs, trained the individuals and Jane Atkinson, Community Resuscitation Development Officer for NWAS, was the assessor.

The Morland CFR team have been working hard since November 2011 to raise funds to enable the group to start their voluntary work. To date the group has raised funds to buy equipment for four trained CFRs, and fundraising continues to be a priority.

The Morland group welcomes anyone interested in becoming a CFR, or helping in any other way, financially or bringing their skills to their committee.

If you would like any more information about CFRs, log onto the website

Community First Responders can and do save lives.