Eden agrees draft proposals to change Council Tax discounts

Eden agrees draft proposals to change Council Tax discounts

Eden District Council has agreed draft proposals to reduce a number of its existing Council Tax discounts from April 2013. The main changes are to reduce the discount on second homes from 10% to 0% and to reduce the discount on long-term empty houses from 10% to 0%. All those Council Tax payers who would lose their existing discounts will be contacted to inform them of the changes and seek their views on the proposals.

The Council’s Director of Finance, David Rawsthorn, said: “The Government has made a number of changes to Council Tax from April 2013 to give councils greater flexibility on the discounts local authorities can set. The Government is encouraging local authorities to make use of these new powers, as well as existing ones, to raise additional income.”

The Council’s Resources Portfolio Holder, Councillor John Lynch, said: “As everyone knows the Government is tackling the deficit on public expenditure. This means funding for local authorities has been significantly reduced. At Eden we have successfully undertaken a major savings exercise to deal with this reduction. However, there will certainly be further reductions as the Council faces a range of costs pressures. Reducing a number of discounts will help us to increase our Council Tax income. This will help the Council to be able to maintain its balanced budget. It may also have the additional benefit of increasing the housing supply.”

For more information about the changes the government is allowing local authorities make to Council Tax discounts visit the Communities and Local Government website http://bit.ly/PtjDev For more information about Eden District Council visit www.eden.gov.uk or follow us at Twitter/edencouncil or find us on Facebook.

To read the report from the Council meeting on 26 July about Council Tax Discounts visit: http://bit.ly/OoPRp5 and click on Agenda Item 8.