Carlisle man had drugs in fridge

Carlisle man had drugs in fridge

A CARLISLE man has been jailed after failing to convince a judge that the drugs found in his fridge were somebody else’s.

Adam Bendjerad, 27, was arrested after police swooped on his flat in Warwick Road and found a stash of amphetamine in his fridge.

He claimed he was looking after them for a stranger who had phoned him and asked him to store them on his behalf until they were needed.

Bendjerad pleaded guilty to possessing the class B drug with intent to supply it – but insisted the “supply” would have consisted only of handing it back to its original owner.

Bendjerad, who had previous convictions for drug dealing, said he would not have passed the amphetamine to anyone other than the mystery man who had phoned him and certainly would not have sold it to anyone on the street.

But after hearing his explanation the judge said he was “quite sure” he should reject it.

Bendjerad was jailed for 12 months.