UHMBT Chief Executive wins national award

UHMBT Chief Executive wins national award
Jackie Daniel

Jackie Daniel

Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive of University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT), has been announced as the winner of the Dry January Digital Media award for her weekly video blog.

After Dry January 2015 was the biggest campaign so far, Alcohol Concern is now celebrating the champions of the campaign. Dry January was a huge success due to the fantastic support and innovation from fundraisers and participants.

Over 2 million people in England went booze-free for the month of January making this year’s Dry January was the biggest campaign yet. Alcohol Concern teamed up with Public Health England (PHE) for the campaign to offer support via social media and made online advice sessions available to those taking part.

Jackie made a weekly video to update on her progress and encourage others to get involved. The video was included with her Friday Message to staff across the Trust, and widely shared on social media.

Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive, said: “I was very pleased to support Dry January 2015 and to use the power of social media to share my experiences and encourage others. Alcohol can have varying effects on our body.

“I personally found that by cutting out alcohol, I was able to improve the quality of my sleep. Alcohol can have long term health effects and people often only experience these once it’s too late.

“But, by reducing how much alcohol you drink you can make a difference. Whilst I was never what you would call a big drinker, as a result of cutting out alcohol in January, I now drink less and feel better for it.”

Emily Robinson, Director of Campaigns at Alcohol Concern, said: “We’re incredibly proud of all our participants and fundraisers and want to recognise and celebrate those who took the biggest Dry January campaign yet to a new level.

“The aim of Dry January is to help people to think about their drinking, and to get support in breaking bad habits. With over 50,000 people taking part, it’s great to see how people took this further and supported their friends and communities.

“Preparations are now well underway to make the 2016 Dry January campaign even bigger and better.”

Results show that 72 per cent of participants had reduced their levels of harmful drinking six months after completing Dry January – showing with the help, advice and support Alcohol Concern offer throughout the month, the Dry January model can really change behaviour and reduce drinking in the long term.