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Warning after dog eats palm oil on Cumbrian beach

Blue, on the mend after emergency treatment
Blue, on the mend after emergency treatment

A Cumbrian dog owner wants to warn other owners about the dangers of palm oil on beaches, after her dog ate the substance and had to have emergency treatment at the vets.

Katrina rushed her dog Blue to Millcroft vets in Workington after the canine ate palm oil on the shore at Nethertown beach, on Tuesday.

Katrina, of Nethertown, said: “I’d like to warn other dog owners who may walk their dogs on the beach.

“We had to get emergency treatment for our dog, Blue yesterday, after he ate poisonous palm oil on Nethertown beach.

“Thankfully we got him to the vet in good time and he seems to be okay.”

Katrina said Blue is on the mend after the emergency treatment, but added: “It could have been so different, had we not known what he was eating.”

Palm oil
Palm oil

Palm oil is toxic to dogs and they need to be treated within an hour of ingesting the toxic substance.

It looks like small white stones or a dirty snowball, has a biscuity texture, smells slightly unpleasant and is very tasty to dogs.

The white palm oil is often discarded by ships at sea and can cause liver failure and gastrointenstinal problems to dogs that eat it.

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