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Calling all nurses… are you ready to return to practice?

Nurses from a recent recruitment day
Nurses from a recent recruitment day

[U]niversity Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) is calling on all qualified nurses who may have previously left the profession or who have let their registration lapse, to consider a return to nursing.

In its drive to recruit more qualified nurses, the Trust has used a variety of different methods to increase the number of nurses on wards across its hospitals, including international recruitment, recruitment days and attending national conferences and events to promote the Trust as a place to work.

The Trust is now looking to those qualified nurses who are incredibly passionate about the profession and offering great care to patients, but who may have left the career or simply let their professional registration lapse.

Sue Smith, Executive Chief Nurse at UHMBT, said: “Nursing is a hugely rewarding career, and is often named as one of the world’s happiest jobs in polls.

“Latest staffing figures show that the total nursing headcount across our Trust has increased by 110, compared to February 2015. We now need more nurses to join our enthusiastic and experienced teams to work with us to further improve things for our patients. We are continuing to recruit in the normal ways but we are also looking to those nurses out there who would like to come back to nursing and help give the best possible care to our patients.”

UHMBT and partners Better Care Together have secured £76,000 funding from Health Education North West to support nurses who wish to return to practice but have let their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council lapse.

Since receiving the additional funding UHMBT has already interviewed and offered four positions to qualified nurses returning to practice, including positions in paediatrics and mental health nursing.

UHMBT, in partnership with the University of Cumbria, offer a range of return to practice programmes which have been designed to meet the professional needs of those considering a return to nursing, depending on how long the individual has been away from the profession, and whether professional registration is up to date. Some candidates return to the Trust as Health Care Support workers to allow them to regain confidence prior to starting a bespoke return to practice programme with the University of Cumbria.

Sue concluded: “Nurses do their job for one reason – to care for patients. Returning to nursing is a big decision and those that are interested in it are bound to notice a few changes since they left. However, we have worked with the University of Cumbria to put together specific programmes that would support individuals in coming back to the profession. We know there are valuable skills and experience out there and we want to be able to use that to continue to improve the care and experience we offer our patients.

“By updating your skills and knowledge on a return to practice course, you can use your invaluable experience to care for the patients with our established teams working with you to give you the best possible support. At our Trust, we want you to feel as cared for and supported as we would expect our patients to feel, and by adopting a ‘care for you as I would want to be cared for’ approach to nursing, this will have a hugely positive impact on both those receiving and delivering care.”

If you are interested in returning to nursing at UHMBT, please contact Deputy Chief Nurses: Joann Morse on [email protected] or Lynne Wyre on [email protected], to arrange an informal discussion about the next steps and the best way forward for you.

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