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Jingles finds his new home


[T]he Animals’ Refuge is delighted to report that a black bull Lurcher known as Mr Jingles, a resident for over 3 years at the Wetheral Centre has now headed off to a new home.

Pippa Meunzberg, a police officer from Cockermouth, fell in love with Mr Jingles when she saw him on the Animals’ Refuge website.  “Once I read about him, I was hooked” she told us. “He looked so sad in the kennel and had been overlooked so often, I really wanted to help and I phoned the Refuge to talk about him”.

Pippa filled in one of the rehoming questionnaires and was invited to meet Mr Jingles. “It was amazing, they hit it off straight away” said Animal Rehomer Linda McKie, “I always knew the right home was out there and when Pippa and Jingles met it was simply incredible, they just seemed to be made for each other and Jingles was so pleased to meet Pippa”.

“Black lurchers are traditionally difficult to rehome” explained Caroline Johnson, General Manager at the Animals’ Refuge, “Almost half the dogs we have for rehoming have some lurcher in them. Lurchers are usually friendly and laid-back, making great pets. They require two good walks a day of about 30 minutes and, combined with their gentle nature, trainability and short coat, they can be very easy-to care for family dogs in comparison with some other breeds”.

Jingles arrived at the Animals’ Refuge in December 2012, hence the name, remaining in the Refuge for four Christmases before Pippa found him in April this year.  He has featured on BBC Radio Cumbria, Border Television and in the local papers before he found his new home.

Jingles was just one of the 20 dogs we have looking for new homes. Each have their own characters and mannerisms and, for the right person, they are ready to give unqualified love and loyalty.

The Animals’ Refuge website has details of most of the dogs (and cats) looking for new homes. “On arrival at the Animals’ Refuge, you will be greeted by one of our staff and given the opportunity to fill out one of our questionnaires to help us identify the type of dog which could be your perfect partner.

You will have a discussion with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Rehomers and have the opportunity to meet some dogs that match your family and lifestyle requirements” explained Colin Powell, Fundraising and Communications Manager at the Refuge.

“It is likely that you will have a home visit from a Rehomer to give you on-site support. This will ensure that you and your home are ready for your new pet and provide the Refuge the opportunity to offer you bespoke help.”

Last year the Animals’ Refuge rehomed 215 dogs and is Cumbria’s largest pet rescue and rehoming centre.

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