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Penrith company offers free Mental Health Capacity Act training

Mariusz Waluk, Director of Gaudium Ltd with Jayne Griffiths Quality Control Supervisor and Training Lead
Mariusz Waluk, Director of Gaudium Ltd with Jayne Griffiths Quality Control Supervisor and Training Lead

[G]audium Ltd, the Care Services Provider based in Corney Square, Penrith have recently opened a new Training Academy where in-house training and training for outside Care Providers is offered.

The Company Director, Mariusz Waluk and Jayne Griffiths Quality Control Supervisor and Training Lead at Gaudium Ltd, are keen to get the Training Academy established.

Mariusz stated, “I am very excited about our new Training Academy and pleased that Gaudium Ltd can now offer training opportunities to other local care providers. To promote this Jayne will be presenting free Mental Capacity Act (MCA) training on Tuesday 10th May 2016 as an introductory offer.”

Attendees will be offered light refreshments as well as a Certificate of Attendance signed by Jayne, a qualified teacher of adults, and by Mariusz as the Company Director.

Jayne stated, “This training is extremely important as the MCA legislation came into force on Oct 1 2007, however it is still not fully understood by many of those who need to know about it”.

Jayne explained, “It is quite alarming how many staff working in health and social care and people who provide care for their relative or friend still do not really understand the implications of this important piece of legislation.”

She continued, “Some care staff I have worked with over the past few years do not actually know what the term ‘mental capacity’ is.”

Jayne should know as she has worked closely with nurses, registered nursing home and care home managers, carers and other ancillary staff both in the NHS and the Health and Social Care Sector as a Registered Nurse and more recently as a training and development manager before taking up her post with Gaudium Ltd.

She went on to say, “Everyone working with or who are caring for an adult who may lack mental capacity to make important decisions for themselves must comply with the MCA and its Codes of Practice, so it is important that all staff understand how it affects them, but more importantly how the Act can protect the rights of the people they care for.”

“It is essential that health and social care providers ensure their staff have training so that they are better able to comply with it”. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) who regulate health and social care in England cannot enforce the Mental Capacity Act but Jayne explained, “CQC will monitor its use and will take failure to comply with it into account when making judgements about provider compliance and decisions about provider registration. CQC can serve a warning notice on providers who fail to comply, and no provider wants that.

“Unfortunately there have been cases within the caring profession of abuse or neglect of vulnerable people’s basic human rights”. In the year 2013 to 2014 the number of care workers or carers charged with offences under the MCA sadly reached an all-time high and prosecutions doubled for cases of ill-treatment and wilful neglect of people who lacked mental capacity. Some prosecutions have resulted in care staff being given prison sentences which not only reflects badly on those individuals but also can adversely impact on the care provider.”

Spaces on the training are limited, so if you are a care provider who wishes to ensure your staff comply with the MCA give Jayne a call now on the Gaudium Ltd direct line to book your staff places. Jayne will only be too happy to hear from you. Or if you just wish to learn more about care services offered by Gaudium Ltd please visit the website at or telephone Gaudium Ltd direct on 01768 890 353 for more details.

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