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Angry parents pull kids out of school in protest of new curriculum

[P]arents across the country are today taking part in the LET our KIDS be KIDS campaign and are pulling their kids out of school in protest against the new curriculum and SATS testing.

Parents from Morland Primary School are supporting the campaign as they are unhappy with the new curriculum.

A letter was issued to the children’s parents at Morland stating: “We are a group of parents who are concerned and angry at the introduction of these new tests, which are in no way age appropriate, resulting in Year 2 children being forced to learn information that was previously expected knowledge for children in Years 3 and 4 and Year 6 children to understand grammar terminology that is GCSE level.

“We cannot support these curriculum ‘reforms’ that are setting up our children to fail, children need a varied, fun and stimulating lessons-plan, not a timetable which forces them to memorise and regurgitate maths facts and arbitrary grammatical terms.

“The key message is that this is NOT a campaign against our wonderful school or against our brilliant teachers who still do an amazing job of delivering a stimulating curriculum despite ridiculous government directives. It is meant to be a parent protest, a direct message to Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary that we have had enough of SATs testing and Ofsted driven teaching.

“It is a show of support to heads and teachers everywhere that they will have overwhelming parental enthusiasm for a boycott of SATS and a return to a curriculum based on the joy and wonder of learning. We must make it clear that the 3rd of May is not a proposed SATS day, hopefully this national protest will make some waves in time for a turn-around before the actual testing begins.”

The campaign has been gaining huge support over recent weeks. You can follow it here and here

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