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Proposed changes in NHS causing local concern

Mariusz Waluk
Mariusz Waluk

[P]enrith Councillor Mariusz Waluk has been looking into the new Success Regime.

Mariusz Waluk has been looking at upcoming proposed changes for hospitals in Penrith, Alston and Keswick that could mean those facilities are left without beds for patients.
“As a councillor I would like to note my full support for the existence of beds in our community hospitals. Although I fully agree that changes are needed to further streamline the system and that savings need to be made the current plan may not be the most beneficial in the long term.” Said Mr Waluk, continuing to say “I have been speaking with many people in the area and there is a great concern over the potential loss of facilities and the knock on effects it would have.”

Mr Waluk Continued “In my opinion of course the institution needs streamlining, but to try and do this by removing beds from hospitals in certain areas might create awful problems. Many people are discharged from Carlisle to Penrith before being sent home, so if beds are taken away in this instance then we could end up with the following scenarios – Carlisle beds being taken for longer and increasing the wait time there, or patients being discharged home before they are fully fit which could have a severe adverse effect upon long term patient health.”

Mr Waluk would like to thank Councillor Fiona Johnson for the beneficial meeting she was kind enough to attend last week regarding the Success Regime.

“I am currently attempting to meet with Sir Neil McKay and the rest of the Success Regime council as I am keen to discuss the future of our community hospitals as a vital amenity.” Stated Mr Waluk.

Mariusz added “May I also take this opportunity to note my expressed support for the Town Council as a public body and important element of the local community. I believe it has many benefits for the area and brings the community together to raise both awareness of and participation in local issues for residents. If not for the Town Council issues like this with the Success Regime may not be properly questioned and improved.”

“It also serves as an important body that can take on issues that would either not be particularly pertinent to other councils and committees or would overstretch those resources to a point where issues could not be dealt with as efficiently as on the Town Council.”

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