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Vapology Smoke Free Zone
Vapology Smoke Free Zone

[T]he Worlds First All Natural ‘Legal’ Cannabis Vapouriser.


We have an unusual opportunity for someone to test a new product FREE of charge (Worth £49.97) who are based in Penrith Cumbria are testing The Worlds First All Natural ‘Legal’ Cannabis Vapouriser.

They are seeking people who suffer from diagnosed PTSD, Anxiety, or Depression.

CBD Oil or E-liquid is a concentrated form of Cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant and comes in liquid form. This E-liquid can then be heated and inhaled through a Vapouriser – similar to (but not) an e-cigarette. NO NICOTINE. NON-ADDICTIVE.

The Effects of Vaping CBD E-liquid

Vaping is one of many preferred methods to provide your body with CBD which helps to ease the effects of illnesses and diseases including Stress, Anxiety, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure.

The effectiveness of CBD helping with these conditions along with many others hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, and many trials are still in pre-clinical stage although according to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have found CBD to possess a wide range of medical properties.

Since vaping CBD doesn’t get you high, you are only consuming the medicinal benefits of CBD OIL and not any mind altering or psychoactive components like those received with THC consumption. This is why this product is legal to use in the UK.


CBD is non-psychoactive

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high. While this makes CBD a poor choice for recreational users, it gives the chemical a significant advantage as a medicine, since health professionals prefer treatments with minimal side effects.

CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not act on the same pathways as THC. These pathways, called CB1 receptors, are highly concentrated in the brain and are responsible for the mind-altering effects of THC.

A 2011 review published in Current Drug Safety concludes that CBD “does not interfere with several psychomotor and psychological functions.” The authors add that several studies suggest that CBD is “well tolerated and safe” even at high doses.

CBD has a wide range of medical benefits

Although CBD and THC act on different pathways of the body, they seem to have many of the same medical benefits. According to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

If you have a GENUINE interest and desire to test this product for yourself, and would be willing to write short report on your experience using it; and also willing to provide an image of yourself using the product, please either like this post or email your name and contact details to: [email protected]

One person will be selected. You must be over 18 years of age.

Please Note: We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce medical products. Terms and Conditions will apply.

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