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Giant sculpture prepares to take flight

Giant Swan Sculpture begins to take shape at Chris Brammall, Ulverston
Giant Swan Sculpture begins to take shape at Chris Brammall, Ulverston

[A] unique sculpture destined for a world-renowned client is taking shape at an Ulverston based metalworkers.

Chris Brammall – one of the leading architectural metalworkers of Great Britain – is delivering an impressive design and build project to create a bespoke sculpture for a London based client.

Themed around riverbanks and lakes – the sculpture features a gigantic swan weighing an incredible three quarters of a ton which has been constructed in Chris Brammall’s purpose built workshop on Low Mill Business Park.

Chris’s design for the piece entitled ‘Taking Flight’ is inspired by the swan as an iconic British bird known for its elegance and purity but also symbolic in its change from a grey feathered cygnet into the pure white swan.

The sculpture – which measures 30m in length – begins with the slow flight rhythm of the swan on a water line depicted by a ribbon of blue steel.  Mirror polished fish sit below the water line and green reeds poke up through the water from the riverbed below.  A canopy of blue water ripples emerge and as the swan increases its wing power and leaves the water level to take to the sky, where it sits suspended 4m in the air.

Chris Brammall comments, “The swan sculpture has really challenged our skillset in both design and manufacturing.  Right from the start I had a clear vision of how I wanted the piece to feel and to look but watching it take shape in the workshop has been incredible.  Day by day, piece by piece the head and face, wings and body have been hand forged right down to the feet which have been created from a single .5metre piece of metal.”

The finished sculpture will be fitted in mid-July.

“This has been a great chance for me to get into the workshop at the forge – it’s been an honour to create such an inspiring sculpture and we look forward to managing the complex installation process to ensure the finished sculpture creates a stunning piece of architecture to be admired for many years to come.” added Chris.

Year 9 students from The Lakes School, Troutbeck will have the unique opportunity to view the sculpture when they visit the Chris Brammall studio and workshop on Wednesday 8th June as part of a design and technology project.

Information about Chris Brammall and his UK wide projects can be found at

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