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H&H Reed Printers Planting Trees and Creating Habitats

Dene Marhsall
Dene Marhsall

[I]n the past 12 months, Cumbria’s H&H Reeds Printers have removed 292,888 tonnes of carbon dioxide by creating 7,322 sq metres of new native woodland right here in the UK.

H&H Reeds Printers (HHRP) has always tried to lead in the way it approaches its environmental responsibilities. They were the first ISO 14001 registered company in Cumbria, and they continue to be the only one with FSC accreditation.

The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with just 13% tree cover compared to the European average of 44%.  Paper is sourced from mills in Europe where trees are grown close to the site as a sustainable crop for the paper industry.  H&H Reeds Printers then pays a carbon levy to the Woodland Trust for them to create environments that support and secures a sustainable future through trees, improving biodiversity and protecting the habitat of native wildlife.

However, this is not just a box ticking exercise, as Dene Marshall, Sales Director of H&H Reeds Printers explains:-

“It is a partnership between HHRP, our customers, the local community and the UK as a whole. Our aim at all times is to ensure that we all offer best practices, and that we are accountable for what we take out, and then put back into the environment.

“As a company we are fully aware that we are based in the most beautiful part of the UK, so it has always felt natural ‘to do our bit’ and we are proud that we do.”

Paper is based on wood, a natural and renewable material and as young trees grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.  Furthermore, as a wood product, paper also continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime, and once finished with, it can be recycled and turned back into paper and cardboard products and used all over again – in fact there should never be a reason for paper or cardboard to ever find its way into landfill.

Dene continues: “Of the many myths that surround the print industry, is the notion that paper is bad for the environment, and leads to the destruction of woodland and deforestation.  This is easily the worst and also the furthest from the truth – in fact paper is one of the few truly sustainable products available.”

So in a partnership between HHRP, their paper suppliers and the Woodland Trust, the papers and boards they use have been carbon captured.  In addition, the fact that the inks they use for printing are vegetable based ensures that all products are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

To find out how you could contribute towards creating more trees and habitats, contact Dene Marshall, Sales Director on 01768 864214.

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