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Fire horror in Emmerdale

28_06_EMMERDALE_14[E]mmerdale will air another shocking stunt later this month, Cumbria Crack brings you the details!

Emmerdale fans will know that earlier this year it was announced that a new stunt will set to rock the dales, affecting a number of characters including Laurence, Priya, Nicola and Rakesh.

Iain Macload the producer said at the time: “There’s a big set piece, stunt sequence in June which will involve Priya, Rakesh, Lawrence and Nicola. That will be going on-screen towards the end of June.”

Last month soap expert and Emmerdale writer Sharon revealed the following details: “Emmerdale actually found an unused tank factory from the Cold War, replicated the set, built it up – just so they could blow it up without anyone seeing it. I can say that one of the villagers puts other people in danger.”

Cumbria Crack today can reveal more details about the stunt airing in a weeks time, fans will see desperate Rakesh is strapped for cash, the lawyer was sacked from his job after his son, Kirin, killed Tess, in a shocking hit and run, Kirin, now on the run gets in contact with his father asking for money!

Meanwhile building work on Rakesh’s flats, is taking a lot longer than usual after the builders walked out after payments fell through – he’s been starting to do some of the work himself.

Rakesh will become very desperate and takes things to a whole new low, when he sets fire to the flats to claim on the insurance, seeing this as his only option to get money, and to help his son and family.

28_06_EMMERDALE_17Meanwhile trying to spice up their relationship Nicola ends up in the flats, trying to get back her and Jimmy’s sex toys from her former home, but when she’s hears smashing sounds of Rakesh destroying the place, she hides and takes cover, when it goes quite the blonde opens the door and is met with a wall of flames!

The flats explode causing carnage! While Rakesh, Priya, Carly, Ronnie and Dan all watch on, Will Nicola make it out alive? and who’ll get the blame?

Emmerdale are keeping tight-lipped about the outcome of the explosion!

Emmerdale is expected to air the scenes on Tuesday 28th June at 7pm, followed by an extra episode at 8pm.

Times are still to be confirmed due to the EURO 2016.

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