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UK and EU must work together

Paul Nuttall MEP
Paul Nuttall MEP

[T]he UK and the EU should work together to get the best deal possible, said UKIP North West MEP Paul Nuttall today.

“The British people have spoken and threats and bullying are not the answer to the questions the UK leaving the European Union has thrown up,” he told the European Parliament speaking on the conclusions of the European Council meeting.

“The UK and Europe are joined by geography, culture, history and trade and that will not change. Therefore it is imperative on so many levels that we are good, healthy trading neighbours.

“We owe it to the citizens of both the UK and Europe to conduct these negotiations in a grown up manner so we can get the best deal for everyone.”

Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader, said that he wanted to look forwards not backwards as “what is needed now is some fair and equitable negotiations that will ensure that the best deal is struck for both the British people and the European Union.

“As an elected British representative, I have a duty to ensure that the will of our people is fulfilled.

“We in the European Parliament should both put aside language of conflict and as elected representatives work towards a viable and prosperous future together.

“The outcome of the referendum is clear: The British people want to leave political union and being also member of a Single Market which entails freedom of movement of people.

“We want access to the Single Market like the United States, like China and like Russia and many other countries around the globe, but we will take back control of our own borders, of our own laws and own money.

“In the longer term we would like to see a free trade deal between ourselves and the European Union. And this makes sense not just for us, but also for the EU.

“We the British have a huge trading deficit with European Union. £60 billion last year alone. Millions of jobs on the continent are dependent on British trade.

“We are the French farmers’ biggest market place – purchasing 35 million bottles of champagne alone last year. We are the German car manufacturers’ largest market, buying 800,000 German cars last year.

“The last thing any of us want in my country and here is a tariff war as it will be mutually destructive for both of our economies,” he said.

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