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Commissioner Holds Cumbria Chief Constable to Account

Peter McCall
Peter McCall

[C]umbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall today held his first Public Accountability Conference which holds the Chief Constable to account for the Constabulary’s performance.

The monthly Public Accountability Conference allows the Commissioner to scrutinise the work of the Constabulary on behalf of the people of Cumbria. The first conference focused on the 2015/16 year end crime figures to 31 March 2016 with an increase of 4.9% in crime and 32% drop in anti-social behaviour, a reduction of 6,417 incidents.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall said: “A key part of my role as Police and Crime Commissioner is to hold the Chief Constable to account for the force’s performance.

“For my first Public Accountability Conference I wanted to look at the crime figures up to 31 March 2016, then set the direction for the next 12 months and look to identify any trends. I won’t be shying away from any trends that show increases and I will be asking the Chief Constable to identify these and have a plan of action of how any issues will be addressed.

“There has been an increase in crime over the last 12 months but this is mainly around crime recording and I welcome in some instances that there has been an increase in identifying crimes such as domestic abuse. It is really important that victims and witnesses have the confidence to come forward and report crimes and I want to encourage everyone if they have been a victim or a witness to come forward and report to the Police.

“I am encouraged by today’s meeting where it was evident that the Chief Constable and his team have a detailed understanding of how crime operates in the county and what they need to be doing to address areas that are of concern. I would like to thank all the officers, PCSOs and staff for their daily dedication in keeping us all safe.

“Cumbria is a safe place to live and we all have a responsibility to maintain the low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. This may just be simple things such as locking doors when we go out especially if we have hot weather to keeping valuables out of sight if left in a car. By us all working together we can make Cumbria an even safer place.”

Assistant Chief Constable Darren Martland said: “Cumbria Constabulary continues to have low levels of crime and antisocial behaviour with high levels of public satisfaction and a proven record of bringing offenders to justice.

“Nationally there has been an increase in police recorded crime of 8.8% with Cumbria seeing an increase of 4.9%. The rise had been previously predicted and is partially attributable to compliance with the National Crime Recording Standard (NCRS) and changes in recorded crime.

“There has also been rises in reports of historically under-reported offences such as hate crime, rape and other sexual assaults. These rises match the national trend of typically under-reported crime areas of which the Constabulary have placed an emphasis in recent years on encouraging victims to report.

“The force has seen anti-social behaviour fall by 32%. There are many factors for this including improved compliance, better police action and an increasing focus on partnership working in problem solving.

“Since 2010/2011, crime has fallen by 3.5% and antisocial behaviour has fallen by a staggering 58%. This is testament to the positive work officers and staff conduct on a daily basis. In the past year the Constabulary has delivered a large amount of organisational change, rolled out mobile working and successfully managed unprecedented levels of flooding across Cumbria.

“The statistics show that Cumbria is a safe place to live, work and visit and the Constabulary remains committed to tackling crime and antisocial behaviour.”

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