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Power operator urges customers to be on their guard for bogus callers

Cold Calling warningThe region’s network power operator, Electricity North West, is urging customers across the North West to be vigilant following a report of cold calling and the request for bank account information.

A customer alerted Electricity North West after being contacted by an individual after moving into a new property claiming to be from the electricity company asking for bank details.

Customers should be wary of anyone cold calling as Electricity North West will never ask for bank information and any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to Electricity North West.

Stephanie Trubshaw, head of customer experience for Electricity North West, said: “We would like to urge customers to be wary of cold callers and never ever give out private bank account details.

“We will never cold call and we never ask for such information so these individuals are not operating on our behalf.

“We’re extremely grateful for the customer bringing this to our attention and so far we have been alerted to this one incident, but it’s important for customers to be on their guard and get in touch with us straight away if they receive any bogus calls.”

If you receive any bogus calls asking for bank information contact Electricity North West immediately on 0800 195 4141 or on Twitter @ElectricityNW.

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