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Children’s squint surgery returns to West Cumberland Hospital

West Cumberland Hospital
West Cumberland Hospital

Children’s squint surgery has now returned to West Cumberland Hospital (WCH), meaning young patients no longer have to travel to Carlisle for their surgery.

Squint surgery involves moving the muscles attached to the outside of the eye to a new position. It can be used to improve the alignment of the eyes, and therefore their appearance, and help the eyes work together.

For several years, paediatric patients have had to travel to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for this type of surgery. Adult ophthalmology surgery under general anaesthetic recommenced at WCH last year and now it has been extended to include children.

Nick Strong, consultant ophthalmologist, carries out the surgeries. He said: “It’s fantastic that we are able to perform this operation on children in West Cumbria closer to their home. It makes it easier all round for both patients and parents, and we plan to continue this into the future.”

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