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UHMBT becomes Stonewall Diversity Champion

Andrew Crundell UHMBT’s LGBT network lead (Picture Credit: Steven Barber)
Andrew Crundell UHMBT’s LGBT network lead (Picture Credit: Steven Barber)

[U]niversity Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) have announced that the Trust has joined the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme – the UK’s leading programme for equality for lesbian, gay, bi and transgender staff and service users.

Stonewall currently works with over 700 of the country’s leading organisations to create fully inclusive environments for staff, service users and the community. It is the largest non-governmental intervention of its kind in the world.

The Programme is a best practice sharing forum in which organisations receive support from Stonewall with their work towards lesbian, gay, bi and transgender equality, with the aim of creating a fully inclusive workplace for all staff and embedding inclusion in their service delivery.

Stonewall research shows that staff who work in inclusive environments are able to be more productive, more engaged and are more likely to be satisfied with their sense of achievement. Research shows that one in five LGBT employees in Britain have experienced verbal bullying from colleagues, customers or service users because of their sexual orientation in the last five years (Gay in Britain, Stonewall, 2013). They also know that more than one in five LGBT people would feel uncomfortable being open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with NHS staff (Your services your say, Stonewall Scotland, 2013).

UHMBT is committed to supporting LGBT staff and communities, and are working to create an inclusive workplace for all staff. It has an active LGBT network, led by staff, who working in partnership with the Trust to ensure UHMBT is a Great Place to be Cared For, Great Place to Work for LGBT staff and service users. The Trust recognises the value that LGBT staff and service users can bring to the Trust and are taking active steps to make policies, actions, values and services as inclusive as possible for LGBT staff and service users.

David Wilkinson, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, UHMBT said: “Creating an inclusive workplace is only successful when everyone is involved. We will be working on a number of initiatives and will be asking staff for their feedback, contributions or involvement. Our commitment to equality for LGBT staff and services users is inherent in our Trust vision and values – we want to ensure UHMBT is a Great Place to be Cared For; Great Place to Work for every individual.

“We’re proud to join the programme and look forward to developing our work around sexual orientation.”

Andy Crundell, LGBT Network Lead UHMBT said “Developing an inclusive working environment has many benefits to the LGBT community, not just within the workforce but also towards patient care, some LGBT patients express apprehension being out to healthcare professionals – being effortlessly inclusive should breakdown any barriers and allow staff to deliver truly holistic care to LGBT patients here at UHMBT.”

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