Sharrow Bay keeps things sweet

Sharrow Bay keeps things sweet

dscn2447-copy-beesAround 40,000 bees can now proudly call Sharrow Bay, the Lake District’s original Country House Hotel, their new home. A sweet addition, it will provide the hotel with an ongoing and sustainable supply of honey in the years to come.

The hotel’s wild flowers on the shores of Ullswater and nearby fells thick with gorse and heather provide ample supply of pollen and nectar – perfect ingredients for happy honey-producing bees.

A close relative to the old Black English honey bee, the new bees have been homed in two hives within Sharrow Bay’s beautiful walled gardens, where they will remain productive and good-tempered, enriching the habitat surrounding them.

Sharrow Bay’s Beekeeper Terry said: “Adapted to fly in wet and cool conditions, these are hardy bees that can cover miles and manage thousands of feet of ascent – introducing them to the Ullswater Valley is a match made in heaven and we are planning some new garden plantings to keep them happy.”

The hotel hopes that next year it will be able to bottle its own honey as well as using this in its renowned restaurant dishes.

Oliver Smith, Hotel Director for Sharrow Bay said: “Bees are an increasingly hot topic and we read more and more of how they are in decline.  We have long wanted to keep bees at Sharrow Bay and so are incredibly pleased that now we can do so. It is good to play our part in ensuring their future and we get to enjoy their honey too.”

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