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Engineers complete power cable upgrade at Wasdale

cable-pull-first-day-image-2[L]ast week engineers from the region’s network power operator, Electricity North West, completed the final stages of the £584,000 power upgrade project in the remote village of Wasdale Head in Cumbria.

The essential project installed 3km of new power cable alongside the lakeside and under Wastwater, England’s deepest lake.

The original electricity cable was installed under Wastwater in 1977 when Wasdale Head was first connected to the electricity network by Electricity North West’s predecessor, Norweb.

Martin Deehan, operations director for Electricity North West, said: “We’re delighted to complete this essential project which will ensure the community of Wasdale receive the power they need for years to come.

“This was an incredibly difficult job due to the extremely remote location and sensitive area. The lake itself is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest as is a large area of the scree slopes alongside.

“We’re committed to ensuring that all our customers across the North West receive the power they need to their homes and businesses and we would like to thank the wonderful Wasdale community for their support over the past couple of months.”

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