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Ghost Stories for Christmas

ghost-stories-for-christmas-web[F]lorence Mine is a spooky place to be in the dark… but it’ll be even spookier on Sunday 11 December when those purveyors of classic Gothic theatre present their new show, Ghost Stories for Christmas.

Don’t Go Into The Cellar theatre company specialise in bringing the classic Gothic and Victorian talk to life, with a small company playing multiple roles they’ve previously visited Egremont with their one-man Sherlock Holmes and their own take on Bram Stoker with Dracula’s Ghost. If you were lucky enough to catch them last time then don’t miss them for this special Christmas visit… and if you have never seen them before then get yourself along for some fiendish entertainment on a cold winter’s night!

Ghost Stories for Christmas brings together all your favourite creepy stories of spectres and spooks, from the likes of Charles Dickens, MR James, Arthir Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins and more, in the tradition of a classic Christmas ghost story. Expect vengeful spirits and grizzly ghouls… but all with a bit of fun. The show is creepy but shouldn’t keep you up at night and is suitable for ages 11 upwards. Do you dare come along and hear these tales of terror?!

Tickets cost £10, available from or 01946 824946

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