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Police encourage drone enthusiasts to fly safely and legally

drone[C]umbria Police are advising those who are hoping to see a drone delivered under their Christmas trees this year to be aware of the law surrounding their use and to operate them safely.

Many people in Cumbria love to use drone technology and its use is increasing across the county. What some people may not be aware of is the laws around the use of drones in a public place and the potential criminal offences you may cause without realising.

Those with drones or those planning on acquiring one should be aware of the following information:

Be drone safe:

  • Always keep your drone in sight to ensure you can see and avoid things if needed.
  • Stay below 400ft in compliance with the Dronecode.

Be drone aware:

  • On each flight ensure you are doing so in line with the manufacturer’s instructions to keep yourself, your drone and other people safe.
  • Keep the right distance from people and property
  • People and properties – 150ft.
  • Crowds and built-up areas – 500ft.

Be drone legal:

  • You are responsible for each flight and failing to fly responsibly could result in criminal prosecution.
  • Stay away from aircraft, airports and airfields. A drone that endangers the safety of an aircraft can result in a five-year prison sentence.

Chief Inspector Matt Kennerley said: “The UK Dronecode is set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in order to assist drone users to fly safely and legally. Many people, like myself, have an interest in this technology and use drones as a hobby. We are also very aware that this technology is becoming increasingly popular and we are seeing more and more people using drones within Cumbria.

“We are not here to spoil your fun. We just simply want to encourage people to refresh themselves with the law and advice to ensure that they enjoy using drones responsibly.”

For more information on using drones safely and legally please visit

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