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Storm Barbara rainfall forecast for Cumbria

[S]torm Barbara is due to arrive affecting Cumbria tomorrow (Friday) with strong winds and rain, heavy at times throughout the day. The strongest wind and heaviest rain will affect Cumbria early afternoon but will move through from late afternoon leaving clearer skies.

In terms of any flooding risk for Cumbria during this period, there is currently a low likelihood of impacts from any larger rivers or becks. There may be some surface water issues making driving difficult for a time.

There is a chance that some flood alerts may be issued tomorrow.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

It will continue to be windy bringing with it some blustery showers during this period. There is a low likelihood of flooding with surface water again being the main risk factor.

Boxing Day and Beyond

It will remain rather windy through Boxing Day but winds will ease as the day goes on. A few showers possible during the morning but settling down into the evening.

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Cumbria Crack

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Cumbria Crack

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Cumbria Crack

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