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Restored Millom clock to ring in the New Year

millom-clock-to-chime-again[C]ommunities around Millom have raised over £14000 in 5 months to fix the town square Clock.

With no help from outside funding all monies raised by donations and selling Clock Memberships.

Millom Town is 150 years old this year and Millom town square clock was built 137 years ago.

Unfortunately the clock stopped 15 years ago. And hasn’t chimed since 1958.

This New Years Eve Millom Clock Trust would like to invite all of the local people to come with their families and see the clock switched on again on New Years Eve from 11pm.

Millom man John Tyson of Newton Street Millom was chosen randomly on Christmas Eve to switch the iconic clock on again.

The town has raised enough money to purchase a new digital clock mechanism, restore the original clock fixings, guild the clock, illuminate and for the first time since 1958 the clock will chime again.

The first phase was to reinstate the clock which has now been done and the rest of the work will be done in the New Year.

So please come along on New Years Eve from 11pm and meet with old friends and family and hear Millom chime again.

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