Hawkshead Brewery Clocks Up a Million

Hawkshead Brewery Clocks Up a Million

filling-casksHawkshead Brewery brewed more than a million litres of beer in 2016.

It clocked up a total of 10,169 hectolitres (1,016,900 litres) in the calendar year – an increase of 8% over 2015, made possible by a £175,000 investment in extra fermentation capacity, in spring last year.

65% of Hawkshead’s 2016 production was cask conditioned beer. “Cask led the British brewing revolution. It is unique to Britain. Cask is this country’s craft” said Hawkshead owner Alex Brodie, “we believe in cask and we are investing in it”.

As part of its “Cask Session Series” Hawkshead plans a new cask beer a month throughout 2017, starting with January’s “Session IPA” at 4.7%, which builds on the beer of the same name brewed in collaboration with a dozen craft brewers at Hawkshead’s July beer festival – Northern Craft.

Lake District brewer Hawkshead, founded in 2002, puts on the Northern Craft Beer Fest twice a year, in March and July, at its brewery tap, The Beer Hall – to celebrate innovative craft brewing in the north of Britain.