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Advice to residents affected by the Barrow fire

Residents who were evacuated last night (11 January) due to the fire on Abbey Road, Barrow, have been given advice about returning to their properties.

Abbey Road is closed between Hartington Street and Duke Street and is likely to remain closed for some time. Members of the public and local residents are strongly advised to avoid the area due to the on-going risk of building collapse.

However, agencies are aware that some people are returning to their homes near the site of the fire.

People who have returned to their homes on Hawk Street are urged not to go into their rear yards or the back street. This is because the building is still unstable, and if the rear wall were to collapse it could potentially affect the rear yards of the properties.

Residents who live in the affected area of Abbey Road and want to return home will be supported by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service.

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