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Haverigg escapee sentenced to six years

Dean Walker
Dean Walker

[A] prisoner who escaped from Haverigg prison in Cumbria before being caught days later has been sentenced today (1 February 2017) at Preston Crown Court to six years.

Dean Walker, 32, was serving an eight-year term of imprisonment for three separate robberies where weapons were used when he escaped.

At approximately 1.30pm on Friday 28 October 2016, Dean Walker trapped a member of staff whilst on a work detail inside the grounds of the prison. Walker followed the staff member into a storage shed before demanding his keys and radio.

Once in his possession, he used the keys to lock the staff member inside the shed.

The member of staff was physically and psychologically affected by the incident.

In making his escape, Walker then accessed a second storage shed, removing equipment, which he used to climb over the barbed wire fence. He used a jumper to partially protect himself from the barbed wire but suffered cuts as he made his escape.

Detective Inspector Adrian Johnson of Cumbria Constabulary said: “Following the incident a joint Cumbria Constabulary and HMP Gold command group was established to ensure the full weight of both organisations resources were brought to bear on capturing Mr Walker.

“Cumbria Police Officers worked closely with our colleagues from Greater Manchester Police and North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (TITAN) to capture Mr Walker in the Gorton area of Manchester area.

“He was arrested approximately 76 hours later on Sunday, 30 October 2016.

“This was an intelligence led operation, the priority at all times being to make sure that members of the public were kept from harm and today’s sentence reflects the gravity of Mr Walker’s actions.”

Walker was sentenced to six years in prison. The sentence will be served consecutive to his previous sentence.

Tony Corcoran, HMP Haverigg Governor, said: “Mr Walker’s actions had a considerable impact upon the HMP Haverigg and its prisoners. Prison Gold command located in London, was set up to offer support, advice and resources. The Prison regime for the following day was impacted upon due to the unavailability of staff who had to stay late on the night of 28 October.

“Approximately 40 additional staff from various prison establishments in the North West, as well as off duty Haverigg staff, were called in to assist with the incident. I am grateful for the assistance given to us by the Police, Ambulance and the Fire Brigade services who were employed throughout the incident on both days.”

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