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Burglar who targeted West Cumbria sports clubs jailed

Albert Newell
Albert Newell

[A] burglar who targeted sports clubs and other premises in West Cumbria has today (10 February 2017) been jailed for two years.

Albert Newell, 22, of Pica near Workington, admitted a charge of conspiracy to burgle following a crime spree between 18 September 2016 and 9 October 2016.

The conspiracy charge included burglaries and attempted burglaries at:

  • Kells Legion in Whitehaven (unknown date)
  • Hensingham Rugby Club (1 Oct)
  • Whitehaven Rugby League Club (1 Oct)
  • Cleator Cricket Club (1 Oct)
  • Egremont Rugby Union Club (4 Oct)
  • Egremont Rugby League Club (4 Oct)
  • Whitehaven Miners Social Club (6 Oct)
  • Garages on Bowthorn Road in Cleator Moor (9 Oct)

Newell also asked for other offences to be taken into considerations. On 3 September he stole bikes from an address in Lamplugh, stole tools from an address in Ashley Way, Egremont, and attempted to break into a home on the same street.

Newell was arrested by an officer who spotted him acting suspiciously outside garages in Frizington Road, Frizington, in the early hours of 9 October 2016.

Newell tried telling the officer he was hunting with a dog before conceding there was no dog.

A search of Newell’s car found bolt cutters and a grinder which was traced back to a burglary at a garage in Cleator Moor.

In his police interview, Newell initially denied involvement in any burglaries or attempted burglaries, saying he was in the area, at 2.15am, as he was scouting out good areas to walk his dog in future.

However, he then admitted to attempting to break into some sheds in Frizington Road before finally admitting being involved in a string of burglaries and attempted burglaries.

Newell told officers he was the driver for another male and female who then entered the properties. Two other suspects were arrested in connection with the offences. One was released without further action and the second was arrested but died whilst on bail.

During the burglary at Egremont Rugby Union Club alcohol including three barrels of beer were stolen. In the burglary at Cleator Moor Cricket Club, a barrel of beer and other alcohol, as well as a television, were stolen.

In total, the offences left an estimated bill of £4,840, covering goods stolen and damage caused.

Detective Constable Calvin Greaves said: “The majority of the premises targeted by Newell were clubs which serve an important role in the Copeland area and can ill-afford such a drain on their resources.

“Speaking to the people who work hard running these clubs, it is clear the burglaries have severely impacted on their ability to serve their community and the costs incurred as a result have hit hard.

“I can only hope that seeing Newall arrested, charged and sentenced offers some comfort to those who he targeted during his crime spree.”

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