Cumbria Company Release New Book to Help You Stay Safe Online

Cumbria Company Release New Book to Help You Stay Safe Online

staff-pic-1The Helpful Book Company, based in Millom have brought out a new book entitled “Privacy: Truth & Lies: The Truth about Privacy in the Modern World and How it Affects Your Life (whether you know it or not)”.

Many people think that privacy doesn’t matter.  Maybe they tell themselves they have nothing to worry about – only people with something to hide need to worry about keeping their data private! It couldn’t be further from the truth.  Everyone should be concerned about their privacy.

Why? Well, for a start, it’s staggering what organisations like Google, Facebook, the Government, Microsoft, and even small time hackers to big crime organisations can know about you. And even if you say you trust the government, Google and so on, do you trust every single person who works there? And trust them never to be hacked and lose their own data?

You might think it doesn’t matter because you don’t have any sensitive data – nothing to hide.  But you’d be surprised what they can do with some of this information… and what they can track. For example Google know not only about what websites you visit, but where you’ve physically been – they could tell you where you’d been on holiday, where you’d stayed, what places you’d visited and even what time you left to go home.

Don’t think “It would never really happen”, either – there were 150,000 cases of identity theft in the UK in 2015, and it’s going up. But what can you actually do about it?

Well, that’s what a small northern business has just turned its attention to. The Helpful Book Company, have been publishing books that help people with technology for 11 years – ever since the founder, Tim Wakeling, started off writing notes to help his Mum and Dad with their computer! Now they are a team of 15 people and they have produced a series of books which help people master technology like Computers, Tablets and Smartphones but their latest offering looks to debunk and demystify Privacy in the online age.

Privacy bookThe book covers things like what privacy is, why it matters to everyone, why you should be concerned and what you can do about it. From techniques criminals use to get enough data to steal your identity, to the software that watches through your laptop, tablet or smartphone camera and listens through the microphone. From Google tracking where you physically are, to adverts for things you’ve looked at on the internet (even on a different device). Then it shows you what to do to protect your privacy – how to keep what should be private – private.

Many people just find it a bit creepy to think that big organisations, hackers and who-knows-who-else might be watching everything you do. This book looks beyond the scare-mongering and just gives the facts, backed up with an opinion on what steps could be taken if you want to keep your personal information more private.