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Conservative, Trudy Harrison elected Copeland MP

Trudy Harrison
Trudy Harrison

[T]he Conservative’s have taken Copeland from Labour after Trudy Harrison was elected the new MP.

Trudy fought much of her campaign on protecting jobs in the nuclear industry.

Labour have held the Copeland seat since 1935.

The by-election was called after Jamie Reed resigned to take a new job at the Sellafield nuclear plant.

Full election results:

Trudy Harrison – Conservatives 13,748
Gillian Troughton – Labour 11,601
Fiona Mills – UKIP 2,025
Rebecca Hanson – Liberal Democrats 2,252
Jack Lenox – Green Party 515
Michael Guest – Independent 811
Roy Ivinson – Independent 116

Votes cast 31,108

Turn out 51.33%

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