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Cumbria Secondary School Places – September 2017

[O]ver 93% of pupils have been offered their first choice secondary school for this September, figures released today confirm. Parents and carers have been informed.

Of 4,795 applicants across the county applying for secondary school places in September 2017, 93.5% (4,486) were allocated their first preference. 98% were offered their first or second preference and 99.6% of applicants were offered a place at their first, second or third preference school.

Parents and carers who have not been offered places for their children at their first preference school are being provided with information about how to lodge an appeal.

Councillor Clare Feeney-Johnson, Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet Member for schools and learning, said: “It’s great news that the vast majority of pupils have secured a place at their first choice school. This can be a really difficult time for young people. Young people in Cumbria are more likely to get a place at the secondary they want than most other places in the country. That will be a great comfort to the majority of parents here.”

Following the allocation of school places, there may be a small number of pupils who have been offered a place at their preferred school but due to a change in circumstances might have changed their mind since submitting a request for a school place. If anybody is in this position, they should contact the school admissions team on 01228 221582 or email [email protected]

Where applications were received late, these will be processed by 28 March, with parents informed of the outcome as soon as possible after that.

Comparison data/info for any press follow-up queries:

Sept 2016 entry Sept 2017 entry Variation
No. of Cumbrian applications 4676 4795 +119
No of 1st preference refusals 280 311 +31
% offered 1st preference 94% 93.5% -0.5%
% offered 1st or 2nd preference 98.9% 97.3% -1.6%
% offered 1st , 2nd or  3rd preference 99.7% 98% -1.7%


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