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Super Hero Saves the Day at Windermere School

IMG_5423aa[P]upils from Year 6 at Windermere School, supported by Year 5, entertained packed audiences made up of family, friends and pupils with their version of the marvelous, muscle-bound musical, The Amazing Adventures of Superstan.

Following weeks of hard work rehearsing songs, practising complicated dance routines and, of course, learning their lines, the curtains finally drew back and the show began. The first show was a matinee performance for all Elleray pupils, as well as pupils from Heron Hill Primary School in Kendal.

The storyline focuses on Stanley Marvel, a clumsy clot from Megaville, who is happy to dream his life away with his nose buried in his comics, until he discovers that local hero, The Candy King, is in fact a super villain, determined to conquer the world with his corrupt confectionery.

While the evil Candy King and his army of mad minions go about enslaving the citizens of Megaville with hypnotic gobstoppers and a giant remote control, Stan’s crazy Gran reveals an earth-shattering secret which will change Stan’s life forever.

IMG_5484aaWith a dose of magic formula and a pair of fantastic, elastic, anti-gravity underpants, Stanley Marvel is transformed into the greatest superhero the world has ever seen, the amazing Superstan. This caped crusader fights for truth, justice and freedom with his super powers, super tights and such super strength, that he can even open a very tricky jar of pickles.

Mrs. Nield, who directed the show, was full of praise for the pupils; “We have all had a lot of fun putting the Amazing Adventures of Superstan together and it showed in the performances. The children were absolutely fantastic and there really were some exceptional stage performances. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the members of this cast are no older than eleven years old. They have all shown such wonderful promise and I hope that they continue to entertain us on stage as they go through the school.”

IMG_5532aaMrs Nield’s sentiments were echoed by Mrs Thomas, Head of the Elleray Campus at Windermere School; “This was a fantastic production and the pupils of Years 5 and 6 thoroughly deserve all the accolades which come their way. For two nights (and one afternoon), Crampton Hall was full of laughter as the cast delivered joke after joke with precision timing, not to mention expertly choreographed dance scenes, some outstanding singing and, at times, some inspired improvisation.

“A huge thank you must go to everyone involved, without whom, we would not be able to put on such outstanding productions.”

Adds Mr Lavender, Headmaster of Windermere School; “I should like to thank Years 5 and 6, and all the supporting teams, for giving us all more than an hour of cracker-like humour, colour and rhythmic song, together with some timely improvisation. It was reminiscent of a Victorian music hall for its slap-stick simplicity, genuine escapism and polished good fun.  This does not come without considerable hard work, and I was most certainly impressed with the whole cast.”

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