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Workington MP urges Prime Minister to resolve maternity issue

Sue Hayman MP
Sue Hayman MP

[S]ue Hayman, Member of Parliament for Workington, has responded to comments made by Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

Sue said: “I welcome the Prime Minister’s recognition of local people’s concerns about our maternity services. I wrote to her about this last week, and I am looking forward now to a positive response to my concerns and the concerns of the 30,000 people who signed the petition that was delivered to Downing Street.

“When reconfiguring health services, it is imperative that we put the needs of the local community first. That means delivering services safely as close to home as possible.

“Local midwives tell me that the Success Regime’s preferred maternity option is not their preferred option. They ask how the plan to deliver more care closer to home and the provision of safe, high quality care, can be achieved when the Success Regime’s preferred option sees the choice of birthplace removed from hundreds of women and would potentially see severe delays in women and babies receiving life-saving assistance.

“The clinical outcomes and satisfaction rates at the West Cumberland Hospital under the current maternity care system are excellent, and show that safe, high-quality care is being provided. The proposed changes would bring inequality, preventing fair access to maternity services across the county, and discriminate against West Cumbrian women, who would no longer have a choice in maternity care, particularly those who are vulnerable owing to deprivation and social isolation.

“The Success Regime’s proposals leave too many unanswered questions for expectant mothers and their families in West Cumbria when they deserve proper answers.

“I am going to keep pressing the Government to ensure that we sort out maternity services once and for all, so that people in West Cumbria can continue to receive the high-quality locally-delivered service they expect. I urge the Prime Minister to do everything in her power to resolve the issue, whatever it takes.”

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