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Relooking at Recruitment Routes

Mariusz Waluk, Director of Gaudium Ltd.
Mariusz Waluk, Director of Gaudium Ltd.

[G]audium Ltd. who provide Domiciliary Care Services and a Day Centre for older vulnerable adults in the Penrith area are trying to deal with this game of employment ‘go fish’ in a different way – by having a Recruitment Open Day at The George Hotel 10:00 to 16:00 on Friday the 10th of March.

“The best any care company can do with the numbers of carers living in the area is to try to have the most effective recruiting method that they can find. Online recruiting and adverts alone just doesn’t always work when you need it to.” Said Director Mariusz Waluk, “We thought we would try a new and different approach on top of that so we will have some of our current staff at the recruitment event in The George Hotel ready to speak with anyone interested who might like to drop in.”

Mr Waluk went on to explain how this new initiative is not just about fast recruitment but ongoing job satisfaction too. “We were talking about old jobs we had all had and found most of the ones we had not liked weren’t necessarily bad, but they weren’t what we had been expecting or led to believe off the job description going into them. This way we hope to not only improve recruitment by having potential candidates coming to the recruitment day, but that this process as a whole will improve staff retention long term as staff are much more likely to be happy in a position when they have had a chance to meet and chat to potential future colleagues and managers, discuss the day to day aspects of the job from the same people they might work alongside and then decide if they still wish to apply.”

Recruitment in today’s job market can be tricky, both for employers and job seekers. The days of looking at the vacancies page in a newspaper for all possibilities are long gone, but where do employers and potential employees look now?

“At the moment we face the issue of too much choice in too many places – you can still see vacancies advertised in papers, but then there is the internet too. Although most employers have moved across to online based recruitment you still face a choice – which of the hundreds of job sites do most people look at? Maybe the most popular isn’t the best for your industry, what if a sector specific site will get the most results? Is it worth going back to pounding the pavements on foot and looking on notice boards and in windows? Or a combination of all of these?”

As we can see, looking for a job or looking for workers can be a minefield these days with too many options for anyone to be sure that they are finding all the best jobs or employees that they can. You might think that adding another option only confuses matters further, but with a lot of businesses and individuals opting for a scattered approach it seems the more the better for getting the right people connected to the right job. And that is just what one local business is going to do.

“With vacancies for Care Practitioners, Senior Care Practitioners and Marketing roles along with the opportunity for staff to enrol on NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care, along with NVQ Levels 4 and 5 in Management we really hope to build a solid team who can develop and progress in their field of interest.” Said Mariusz, “Hopefully we can make our staff feel like family in a place of work they love.”

If you want to find out any more about the recruitment open day please contact 01768 890 353 or [email protected].

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