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Desperation leads to moves to cut Eurosceptic finance

[A] move to stop Eurosceptic parties getting EU funding shows just how desperate Europhiles have become, said UKIP leader Paul Nuttall today.

Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party, said at a press conference that he is going to push for a rule change in the European Parliament to stop Eurosceptic parties getting funding.

Mr Weber has suggested this before but has now asked asked Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, to come up with legislation to enforce it.

He said: “You can have parties allowed, not banned, but do you necessarily have to fund them from the EU purse? Hence I would say no money for anti-European parties.”

Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West of England, responded, “This little outburst shows how desperate Europhiles really are .

“There is no such thing as EU money, it’s taxpayers’ money, and Eurosceptic parties have a mandate from their voters who pay tax.

“Raging Europhiles such as Weber have lost the argument and popular support, and in their despair now wish to utilise finance as a weapon to hamper patriotic parties.

“If the EU wishes to fund political parties it should depend on mandate and not on message, otherwise it’s a vast curtailment of freedom of speech.

“It’s outrageous that the EU wishes to spend over €30 million on the 2019 European Elections, and it shows they wish to use finance as a weapon buy media attention and support.”

STRASBOURG, MARCH 14 – No EU funds to anti-EU parties: the EPP Group in the European Parliament calls for new rules on political party financing. “We can not accept – stated by the leader Manfred Weber – that the EU systematically finance the enemies of the European Union, parties who carry out harmful activities for the future of the EU. It makes no sense to fund those who want to be our end.” The idea is still “to be perfected,” says Weber. “We should create structures,” he says. Among the hypotheses, “that parties should adhere in advance the principles of the Lisbon Treaty.” (ANSA).

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