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Dangerous driver told police he was ‘too tall’

Adam Elliott
Adam Elliott

[A] driver who tried to escape police punishment by claiming he was “too tall” for his vehicle has been given a suspended sentence.

Adam Elliott, 27, was seen by witnesses to be shouting and gesticulating at other drivers as he drove whilst standing up in a convertible Ford Ka between Newcastle and Gateshead on January 26 last year.

He was pulled over by police who acted on the report of him standing up and driving in a dangerous manner

Elliott pleaded his innocence and instead claimed he was too tall at 6ft 7in and that is why his head was popping out the top of the convertible.

Officers from Northumbria Police’s Motor Patrols department didn’t buy his excuse and trailed CCTV to catch Elliot in the act.

And it wasn’t long before officers found still images from CCTV cameras showing him perched on his head rest and using his knees to control the vehicle as he drove through traffic on the Tyne bridge.

Officers charges him with dangerous driving and Elliott later admitted the offences at court.

And today (March 17) he has been given a suspended sentence of 9 months, will have to pay £1,500 towards costs, carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and a driving disqualification for 2 years.

PC Darren Lant, who was part of the investigation that caught Elliott, said: “This driver was caught red-handed by officers driving in a dangerous manner but came up with a ridiculous excuse in a bid to clear his name. It is clear that Elliott’s driving standard fell far below that was expected of a careful and competent driver. Northumbria police take road safety as a priority and will use every tool available to ensure that the region has a safe network of roads through education and where need be enforcement”

“He went to the press and publicly claimed he was too tall for his vehicle despite the fact that we have conclusive CCTV images showing he was perched up on his seat and messing around behind the wheel.

“Some people may find this type of behaviour amusing but if an individual continues to drive it that type of manner it is only a matter of time before they are involved in a serious collision.

“Motor vehicles are not toys and one slight mistake when you are driving can lead to a fatal collision that will destroy lives forever.

“We are delighted to see that the judge has taken this case seriously and hope it acts as a warning to anyone else who finds it acceptable to mess around behind the wheel.”

Anyone who wants to report a case of dangerous driving can contact the Motor patrols department or the Op Dragoon team by calling 101.

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