Wigton Motor Club Newcomers and Novice Autotest

Wigton Motor Club Newcomers and Novice Autotest

IMG_8098Wigton Motor Club held their autotest training day for newcomers’ to the sport on March 19th at the Maryport Business centre and it attracted some 15 new drivers including several juniors.

The day started with a coffee and then a short talk and PowerPoint presentation on the types of autotests, rules and regulations and how to organise one. Then the drivers assembled on the test site where two straight forward tests were set out and practice runs were supervised by experienced drivers. The smooth and wet concrete surface made for an ideal environment for learning how to slide a car at relatively slow speeds.

Lunch and some further discussion followed before the drivers were allowed to do six runs at each of the tests to count for the results. By the end of the day all the drivers    had really improved their driving and were keep to enter the next event in April.

All the drivers who completed the course received a certificate and the awards were: 1st Overall: Geoff Rae; 1st Novice, Craig Stamper; 1st Newcomer: Phil Hodgson; 1st Lady; Kate Moffat.

Wigton Motor Club are also pleased to announce that their Autotest Championship will be sponsored by HPE Construction.