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British Youth Nationals Motocross Series heads to Brampton

250cc Youth Riders - Start Action - Brampton 2016
250cc Youth Riders – Start Action – Brampton 2016

[T]he Thor British Youth Nationals heads to Brampton, Cumbria for round two of the championship on the weekend of 15th & 16th April 2017.

The six round series will see the very best youth talent in the UK battle it out for the prestigious national titles. The Brampton circuit consists of fast straights, climbs and drops with big jumps, technical corner sections as well as rough and bumpy sections. The track is a popular one for the UK’s best youth riders and guarantee’s to provide some first class racing for all to watch.

Open Class Rider Jake Eddy - Brampton 2016
Open Class Rider Jake Eddy – Brampton 2016

With a strong line-up of riders, the second round is looking set to be a good one just like the recent season opener at Culham MX Park in Oxfordshire, as the juniors look to continue to gain those all important points for the championship.

After the first round we see the championship spots currently being held by Wal Beaney, Charlie Heyman, Dominic Lancett, Rossi Beard and Howard Wainwright. All eyes will be on them at Brampton to see if they can retain the top spots in each championship chase.

#55 Ryan Waggott - Junior 65cc Class from Round 1 Culham
#55 Ryan Waggott – Junior 65cc Class from Round 1 Culham

We caught up with local junior 65cc rider Ryan Waggott who is from Carlisle as he prepares for his ‘home’ round of the series.

You’re a local rider to Brampton so we’d like to know what are your thoughts on the track as many riders say it’s a technical sand track and is really enjoyable to ride?

“As I have just moved up onto a 65 I have only raced at Brampton on the main track a couple of times. The last time I raced there was for the first round of the ‘East Cumbria MXC’, it was a miserable wet, freezing day, my hands where frozen, the track got really rough and cut up, I had a few offs, but was determined and had a 1/1/3 result with the overall win.”

What’s your plan’s for round two of the Thor British Youth Nationals, are you doing any training or practicing prior to the event, if so where and why?

“I’m really lucky as Carlton Husband trains me; he takes me, Ollie and Sam out every weekend when not racing and we ride midweek. I’m in the ‘RMJ academy’, so Ashley Wilde and Richard-Mike Jones also train me. I raced last weekend for the first round of the ‘North East Championship’ at Haverigg which is a good sand track; I came away with 5/5 wins. We will probably go to train at another sand track like Preston Docks or FatCats the week before Brampton.”

Tell us a bit about your past history in the sport, how long have you been racing, what events have you completed in previous to the Nationals and is this your first year competing at national level.

“I have been in the Motocross scene all of my life. My dad Will Waggott was British quad champion, he rode for KIK and Honda UK. I started at six years old on the grass field track at Brampton, and progressed from there. Last year I was ‘North East Auto Champion’; winning every race in the championship, ‘Northern Auto Champion’ , finished 4th in the’ Judd Premier cup’, 2nd in the ‘mx master kids British junior cup’ – Auto A class, 6th in the ‘MX master kids’ -Auto A’s.”

Looking to the rest of the championship, what will your approach be? What’s your goal for the end of the year?

“It would be awesome to finish in the top ten, but there are a lot of fast riders and tough competition, with a few more years’ experience racing on a 65.

So we will have to see how it goes!”

As Brampton is your home race, maybe you can tell us why should the locals get behind this event and come to watch?

“The Gelt track at Brampton has been on the go for years, my dad raced there when he was a boy. Mr Spencer my head teacher is great at ‘Fir Ends Primary School’, he lets me have time off to train. It’s brilliant that the ‘BYN’ is coming to Brampton, so my teachers and friends can come and see me race in a National. Motocross is so exciting, I love it!! I’m sure if everyone came just once they would want to come every week!”

Big Wheel 85cc Start Action - Round 1 Culham
Big Wheel 85cc Start Action – Round 1 Culham

So if you are looking for something to do on the weekend of the 15th & 16th April, then head to Brampton to see Ryan and the rest of the Thor British Youth National riders as they continue their 2017 championship chase.

The six round Thor British Youth Nationals continues its 2017 journey at the natural terrain track with five classes, junior 65cc, Small Wheel 85cc, Big Wheel 85cc, 125cc and Open class. To find the track use postcode CA8 1SY. More information:

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