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Robbie Jackson returns to Albert Sq

Dean Gaffney as Robbie Jackson
Dean Gaffney as Robbie Jackson

[O]ne of EastEnders most well known characters Robbie Jackson will make a return to the BBC soap in coming weeks.

Robbie Jackson first appeared on screen back in 1993, over 20 years, arriving along with the rest of the family, including Bianca, Mum Carol and Sonia, who returned to screens last Friday after the actress Natalie Cassidy left to have a second baby.

Robbie departed in 2003 after falling in love and later moved to India, in real life, Dean had been axed from the soap.

He later returned in 2004 for sister Sonia Fowler’s marriage to Martin.

He also returned in 2010 as part of the shows 25th anniversary episode along with his Mum Carol and brother Billie to watch Ricky and Bianca tie the knot.

Robbie also appeared in 2015 this time for his mum’s on-screen exit after she stayed around in 2010, he appeared in 8 episodes, this time he’s back in Walford for good!

Speaking of the news Dean Gaffney said: “I’m really happy to be back, I’m so lucky to be given the chance to work again with such a talented group of people.

“A big thank you to Sean and the team, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Executive producer Sean said: “I’m thrilled to welcome back Dean as Robbie Jackson, one of EastEnders’ most loved and most popular characters.

“Bridge Street Market has never quite been the same without Robbie policing it in his hi-viz jacket.

“Dean brings a wonderful warmth and fun to his portrayal of Robbie and I’m sure that audiences will take him to their hearts again, just as they have always done.”

Robbie will appear on screens in coming weeks.

EastEnders airs on BBC one.

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