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Farron pays tribute to Clare’s energy and achievements

Tim Farron and Clare Feeney
Tim Farron and Clare Feeney

[L]ocal MP Tim Farron has paid tribute to Clare Feeney Johnson who is stepping down the County Council after 8 years of service.  Clare continues as a Liberal Democrat District and Town councillor serving Kendal Nether ward.

Tim said: “Clare has been a brilliant County Councillor – her energy contrasts with the general image that most people have of councillors!  Clare gets things done, listens to people and uses her experience to get the best deal for local people.

“Clare has spent the last 4 years in charge of Cumbria’s schools – fighting hard and effectively to protect special needs support and fighting against government cuts to our school budgets.  As a Mum to children going to local schools, Clare was able to do that from the standpoint of current practical experience and that has really strengthened her credibility and achievements.

“Clare is a good friend who continues to do Kendal proud at every level.  We need more ‘Clares’ in local politics.”

Former Mayor of Kendal and District Councillor Chris Hogg will stand in the County Council elections in Clare’s former seat. Tim added: “Chris will make a fantastic County Councillor and will continue Clare’s excellent work.”

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