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Vorn Texel’s Cutting Edge Genetics Head to Borderway

Vorn Yardstick
Vorn Yardstick

[H]arrison & Hetherington have announced that they are to host the Vorn Texel Flock. Annual Draft Sale of ewes and hoggs with lambs and dry hoggs.  This is an unique sale in that both the ewes and hoggs are being sold with lambs at foot, giving the opportunity to demonstrate first hand their maternal genetics.

The sale on behalf of John Vaughan,  features genetics from the UK’s top performance recorded flock, including progeny of the top five UK PR sires of and also the top two UK lambs of 2016, will take place at Carlisle on Saturday 13th May at 12:30 pm.  In total, 40 lots will go under the hammer including 22 ewes with lambs at foot.

The sale will feature progeny from the top five UK PR sires of 2016:

  • Antur Wythaberyst (bred by Aberystwyth University pioneers of performance recording for the last 20 years): top index of 558 and second highest eye muscle EBV ever at +7.31mm
  • Hollyford Vroom Vroom: index 535 by Goldies Supreme with second highest gigot score
  • Vorn Whisky Mac: index 533 with highest ever lean weight EBV at +6.2kgs
  • Craig Farm Wizard: index 528 also by Goldies Supreme and the ‘talking tup’ from Kelso 2016
  • Vorn War’Orse: index 516, highest ever eye muscle area and length measured.  Top sire for 21 week weight at +20.21kgs.

Also, progeny of the top two UK lambs of 2016:

  • Vorn Ystwuth: idex 571 by Wythaberyst out of ET sister to War’Orse
  • Vorn Yardstick: highest ever index of 576 by War’Orse, long, lean and muscular. (His semen has already been used by two of New Zealand’s leading Texel breeders)

This is the first time that the Vorn Texel Annual Sale has been held in Northern England and John has made the decision to have the sale at Harrison & Hetherington’s Borderway Mart, in Carlisle.  Its prime, central location is also ideal for producers from all over the UK to access, opening up a window of opportunity to purchase outstanding Texel genetics.

On being invited to host this prestigious annual sale, Scott Donaldson, Sales Director at Harrison & Hetherington commented:  “We are delighted to have been invited to have the opportunity to sell what are undoubtedly a selection of some of the very best Texel genetics.

“John has been breeding pedigree Texel sheep for almost 25 years and has worked extremely hard to improve his flock which is now the UK’s number one Performance Recorded Flock.”

The Vorn Texel Flock was established 20 years ago when Hereford breeder, John Vaughan, began breeding Texels, selecting for length of spine, width of loin, hindquarters, finer heads and trimmer lines as he did with his cattle breeding.  In 2011 John commenced performance recording and since then the flock has risen to great prominence and is well into the top 1% of recorded flocks.  His moto remains the same today; ‘You can’t get length out of a trough.’

The qualities of the Vorn Texel Flock are proven and after just three years of performance recording, in 2014, six rams were sold into pedigree flocks. This year, the sale at Carlisle will feature progeny from the top five UK sires and also the top two UK lambs of 2016.

Speaking in advance of his 11th annual sale, John Vaughan said:  “We now have an extensive following of UK wide customers and that is why we have decided to hold our annual sale at Borderway, Carlisle.  It is easily accessible and is a more central for the breeders, allowing for a much broader market.”

Although the Vorn Texel Flock genetics are extremely popular amongst pedigree Texel breeders, John also sells a large amount into the commercial market:  “The long, stretchy, commercial rams sell well as these really are the bread and butter of the flock.”

All of the sheep in the sale will be in their ‘working clothes’ and are all on the Heptavac P system, with all lambs having had their first injection.  All ewes are proven with many notable lambs and are being sold to make room for the next generation of females which have higher EBV statistics.  The latest M.V. test was completed in June 2014.

The auctioneers highly recommend the sheep on offer and John is prepared to take any sheep home, for the convenience of the purchaser, to be collected, free of charge.  Prior inspection is available by appointment only and can be arranged by contacting John on 07974 956201.

Further information on the sale and a full catalogue of entries can be found at or by contacting Borderway Mart office on 01228 406200.

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