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Call to Competitive Dry Stone Wallers

Dry stone walling competition
Dry stone walling competition

[F]riends of the Lake District’s annual dry stone walling competition takes place at Mazon Wath, Little Asby near Orton (GR OL19 688081) on Saturday 27th May.

Competition organiser Ruth Kirk at Friends of the Lake District said: “Dry stone walling is a heritage skill and an iconic part of Cumbria’s cultural identity. Our annual walling competition attracts seasoned veterans but also, importantly, the younger generation of up and coming wallers who are learning this craft. That’s really important because it’s vital this skill continues to be passed down the generations. It’s always fascinating and very satisfying to see how a pile of stones at the start of the day can be so skilfully built into a beautiful structure which will last another generation and more.”

All experienced wallers are invited to enter the competition and there are cash prizes for first, second and third positions in each of four classes. For more information or for a competition booklet and entry form contact [email protected].

The competition runs from 9am – 4pm

Entry: FREE for spectators and wallers alike.



Anyone whose main income is from walling or who has previously won first prize in a competition in Class 2 or equivalent.


Open to those with some experience who have not won first prize in a competition in this class or equivalent.


Open to those who have never competed before or anyone who has won less than two first prizes in previous competitions in this class.


Open to those aged 60 and above

The wall is part of the field boundary on Friends of the Lake District owned land. Anyone planning a walk to appreciate the views of the stunning Little Asby Common on that day is invited to pass by and learn more about the skill of dry stone walling.

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