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Hovercraft crew rescue woman trapped in mud

Morecambe’s RNLI rescue hovercraft prepares to launch
Morecambe’s RNLI rescue hovercraft prepares to launch

[M]orecambe’s volunteer RNLI hovercraft crew went to the rescue of a woman trapped by her lower legs in mud.

At 6.50pm on Saturday 29 April 2017, the coastguard tasked Morecambe RNLI volunteer crew to assist local coastguard teams after a woman was reported stuck in mud approximately 400 meters off shore at Half Moon Bay, Heysham.

Morecambe’s inshore rescue hovercraft quickly proceeded to the scene. Upon arrival the volunteer RNLI crew began to dig the woman out of the mud, she had been trapped for about one hour. Once she was freed, she was transferred to shore in the hovercraft, to be checked out by waiting ambulance paramedics.

Morecambe RNLI Hovercraft Commander, David Smith, said: “This was a potentially serious incident but thankfully, with good inter-agency cooperation, we were able to achieve a good outcome. Walking out into Morecambe Bay is not recommended; it is very easy to become trapped in the mud and quick sand.”

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