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Barrow AFC Chairman Paul Casson gives his endorsement to Simon Fell

Simon Fell and Paul Casson at Holker Street
Simon Fell and Paul Casson at Holker Street

[T]he Chairman of Barrow AFC, Paul Casson, has today given his backing to Simon Fell, the Conservative challenger to be Barrow’s next MP.

Paul Casson said: “The coming years could be some of the most exciting in Barrow’s proud history. The upcoming Successor program should provide the engine for robust economic growth. Who then may prove the best custodian of the areas’ good fortune, the party that passed the legislation that provided it, or the party who’s leadership is pledged to its demise?

“My personal opinion is that for Barrow and Furness that answer is Simon Fell. In meetings with him he has outlined a vision for the area that very much matches my own. He has deep family roots in the area and I am impressed by his thoughtful, well crafted, locally inspired ideas.

“It’s time for a change.”

Simon Fell said: “I’m very grateful to Paul for his endorsement. Paul’s approach – using his good fortune to help others and lift Barrow up – is one I would like to follow. Barrow AFC are ambassadors for Barrow and we should be rightly proud of them.

“Barrow and Furness is the most amazing place but it is neglected on the national stage as it doesn’t have a strong voice fighting for it. I will work constructively with others to get the improvements in our road, rail and broadband infrastructure that Barrow needs and to ensure that our essential public services are safe, secure and funded.

“Barrow is an amazing place, and I want to promote the positive things it does to the world.”

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